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Hello and welcome to More Music.

My name is Tony but you can call me Rousso. As a Dj, part time web designer until Covid struck the world I was forced into finding another income. So the only jobs out there at the time was as a delivery driver. One year later and dreaming of going back to gigging I find myself pulling my hair out listening to the national FM and DAB station in the car. Always repeating over and over again I thought I’d create something a bit different as i found myself listening to more and more talk based stations.

I wanted to create a station that did not conform to the norms of today. As a Dj I have a collection of music that gets dance floors dancing and singing loud. I looked at the playlists of some of the most popular stations in the UK and saw that they really don’t play a lot of songs in a day as most are on what is called a rotation playlist. Basically put playing either the top 10 songs in the charts every few hours or with other stations playing the same mix of older tracks over and over.

So the idea was born! More Music was what I wanted to play for people that were / are similar to me have a longer attention span of 2-3 hours. I searched for the domain moremusic and was surprised that was available. At that point the stations idea was underway. I had tinkered with running a station years ago for emergency gig back up but this is the one that I am taking to the general public.

The aim is to play a minimum 24/7 no repeat station and keep adding to it. I will have to play some ads at some point unless I can find one station sponsor to pay all the bills but we are not there yet.

Finally as of this date 28th April 2021 I have got the station to 4 days no repeat, that’s 96 hours back to back. Thats 72 hours short of my goal! As of today I am working on scripting the playlists so that the current music will blend far better covering lots of genres. So please bare with me as I continue to refine the sound of MORE MUSIC and get more professional bang whooshie stings, sweeps and links added. Once it sounds just like a station that you can hear on FM and DAB (plus uncensored tracks) I will build the studio to go live on air and host some shows.

Once again Welcome to MORE MUSIC.

Tony (Rousso)

Written by: Rousso

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